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January 4, 2019

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Embodying The 5 Elements
Transform Yourself and Your Practice

In these 5 workshops, we will use mindfulness, audio/visual presentations, guided meditations, experiential exercises, gentle yoga and group discussion to deepen our personal and clinical understanding of harmonious Qi flow. Through the lens of the 5 Element map of Chinese medicine, the functional expression of emotions, developmental psychology and psychospiritual issues will be explored. Personal transformation of body, mind, and spirit will be emphasized to actualize our personal and professional potential.

Workshop open to licensed acupuncturists, students of acupuncture, oriental medicine bodyworkers and energy healers. If you are not a healing professional but would like to attend, please contact Rupesh at (512)917-3404 or

Sign up for a single weekend or all 5 weekend workshops for a discounted price. Student discounts available.

Sol Healing and Wellness Center, 13805 Ann Pl, Austin, TX 78728

Saturday 10am -6pm
Sunday 10-4

Dates, Registration and Payment:

Individual weekends: $225 student/early bird discount. $250 after.

Discounted tuition for the entire series (5 weekends): $1000





Purchase all 5 weekends for a discounted price ($250 savings). Learn more about each individual weekend below.

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March 9/10

Water Workshop
TOPICS: Primordial or Source Qi Stage in a Process: Stage in Human Life and associated psychological state: Conception, in utero, and infancy; Merged state of consciousness Unconscious Mind: Intention, Vow, Developmental Tasks Yin and Yang aspects: deep Willingness; capacity to move through space and time The Functional Expression of Emotion: how Fear becomes Wisdom; What is Wisdom? Hearing: experiential exercises around deep listening Psychospiritual Issues: Trust, Surrender, Stillness, and more…


Early bird discount for the Water workshop ends 2/23


April 6/7

Wood Workshop
TOPICS: Nature of the Qi (Stage in a Process): potential activity Human Developmental Phase and Developmental Tasks: toddler, adolescence Formation of the healthy ego, boundaries, I Want/Need Functional Expression of Anger The Virtue of Benevolence Yin/Yang Aspects: a container to receive the Will and envision from; the assertion of self, planning and deliberating the vision of life Psychospiritual Issues: flexibility, decisiveness, saying NO!, and more…


Early bird discount for the Wood workshop ends 3/23


May 18/19

Fire Workshop
TOPICS: Nature of the Qi (Stage in a Process): kinetic energy Human Developmental Phase and Developmental Tasks: early adulthood Functional Expression of Excitement and Joy The Virtue of Propriety, Ritual/Ceremony, Attunement Yin/Yang Aspects: enjoyment of pleasure/passionate and creative movement into world Psychospiritual Issues: anxiety, personal expression, creativity, love, mastery, and more…


Early bird discount for the Fire workshop ends 5/4


June 1/2

Earth Workshop
TOPICS: Nature of the Qi (Stage in a Process): manifestation and structure, integration Human Developmental Phase and Developmental Tasks: mature adulthood Functional Expression of Thinking and Empathy The Virtue of Compassion and Deliberation Yin/Yang Aspects: feeling nourished and satisfied/transforming and integrating Psychospiritual Issues: being grounded, connected to the human tribe, excess rumination, manifestation, and more…


Early bird discount for the Earth workshop ends 5/18


July 13/14

Metal Workshop
TOPICS: Nature of the Qi (Stage in a Process): winding down, dissolution, decay Human Developmental Phase and Developmental Tasks: old age Functional Expression of Grief and Sadness The Virtue of Preciousness Yin/Yang Aspects: connection to what’s important/letting go Psychospiritual Issues: give and take, completion, trusting the body, attachment, and more…


Early bird discount for the Metal workshop ends 6/29

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