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In my blog, I will cover all the topics that get me jazzed about life, from nutrition to poetry, from meditation to rock climbing. I hope it will be a source of information, entertainment, and inspiration.

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June 18, 2011

» The Sinking Ship: Death, Dying, and Chinese Medicine
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It was Friday night, and Dan Jones was on his deathbed.  In his 70’s, riddled with pancreatic cancer, the five of us paid our respects with a 15 minute silent meditation.

Dan had been a skillful guide to my men’s group one Saturday in a straw bail house out past the Y in Oak Hill.  Seared in my mind is the memory of his haunting clear eyes and my hands gripping his outstretched index and middle fingers.  Intuitively, he asked, “Who betrayed you?”  He held space, allowed me to squeeze as hard as I could while a deeply buried volcano of rage erupted from within me into the still Hill Country air.  I am grateful for that day and his steady presence.

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February 23, 2011

» The Dharma Gate: a rock climbing love affair
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Rock climbing is my longest relationship.  Like any long-term relationship, we’ve gone through our ups and downs.  When I first met her, my jaw dropped to the floor.  I got heart palpitations.  The rest of the world fell away.  I dreamt of her day and night.  Skipped school and worked only enough to pay for gear, gas, and park fees.  She was my love.  She was my obsession.

December 28, 2010

» If Buddha Got the Blues: Depression & the Noble Truths
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If Buddha Got the Blues: Depression and the Noble Truths

“Ugh.”  He groans, turning away from the screeching alarm clock, and pulls the blanket higher over his head.  Mired in fog, he drops in and out of fitful sleeping, too incoherent to punch the snooze button.   Continue reading »