Rupesh Chhagan LAc   

Rupesh Chhagan

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, MSOM
Hakomi Graduate
Texas Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Rupesh Chhagan: founder, healer, walker of the heart path and avid rock climber.

“I’m dedicated to the art of happiness, personally and professionally. My goal is to help bring relief, insight, awareness, and empowerment to my clients. Depression, anxiety, addiction, and sexual abuse trauma are my areas of expertise. I combine formal training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hakomi with years of study in yoga, Buddhism, meditation, improv acting, group therapy, and living a mindful life.”


I fell into the healing path, literally. I had pushed myself to the limit as a competitive rock climber, both physically and emotionally, reaching what would be called in Chinese medicine as “extreme Yang”—always in motion, flooded with adrenaline, anxious and overheated. Just as Taoism predicts, eventually my extreme Yang turned into Yin, and I found myself experiencing depression and lethargy.

During this time, I discovered Chinese medicine. Tai Chi classes led to acupuncture sessions and my personal healing inspired me to follow my new passion for acupuncture. I was magnetized by the promise that Chinese medicine offered: mind and body are one; we are microcosms of the macrocosm; the body could be treated as a garden and not as a machine.

I entered The Academy of Oriental Medicine in 2000 and simultaneously worked at White Crane Herbal Medicine. After four years, I received a Master’s of Science in Oriental medicine. I left feeling well equipped to address people’s physical complaints but was unsure of how to deal with people’s emotional and spiritual ailments, which I found to be inextricably linked to physical symptoms.

It was during my second year at AOMA that I caught a glimmer of what would eventually be another path for my practice. It arrived in the form of a psychology class. Taught by Lorena Monda, a psychotherapist and acupuncturist, I saw how acupuncture, psychology, and meditation could tie all parts of a person together.

Later, I actualized the glimmer by completing a two-year training in the Hakomi method, a gentle and body-centered approach to therapy that treats the mental and emotional systems by bringing awareness to the physical body. Now, my practice is an exploration into the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit through Hakomi, Chinese medicine, and meditative awareness.

My goal is to help bring insight and awareness to my clients so they may heal all aspects of self, from physical pain and trauma to the lack of direction and motivation in their lives. Our work together will include relief from physical distress, gaining insight and awareness, and finding the freedom to do something new in the face of the habitual.

I am forever grateful to past masters and my teachers at AOMA for teaching me about Qi and the earth’s bounty of medicinal plants and minerals. Thank you to Lorena Monda, Gregory Gaiser, and the Hakomi lineage for the maps to navigate the emotional and mental wilderness with loving-kindness. Deep bows go out to to S.N. Goenka, the Shambhala lineage, Jack Kornfield, Larry Higgins, and all of the wisdom seekers who pave the way to happiness.

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“True compassion arises from a sense that the heart has the fearless capacity to embrace all things, to touch all things, to relate to all things.” –Jack Kornfield

Compassion, non-violence, and loving presence are the groundwork for deep healing and the smooth flow of Qi. In an atmosphere of safety, we will find relief from physical distress, gain insight and awareness, and find the freedom to do something new in the face of the habitual.


My philosophy to healing is simple. Cultivate compassion. This attitude is the most healing energy we can bring to our troubled bodies, hearts, and minds. Life goes up and down. No one escapes moments of anxiety, depression, worry, and grief. And we all share the same fate—aging, loss, and death. When we make the natural processes of life and death our enemy, we create tension. Tension includes contraction of the heart from painful losses, contraction of the mind to create illusions of safety, and contraction of body towards painful sensations. Compassion and kindness do the opposite. They create spaciousness where Qi and wellbeing can flow. Then we can face the ups and downs of life with dignity, courage, and joy.

Compassion expresses in many ways. Sometimes it is the soft flowers of kind words and loving presence. Sometimes it is the heavy anvil of creating tough boundaries and asserting needs. Either way, it starts within. Compassion starts with becoming mindful: knowing what you are doing, how you are thinking, what you are feeling and how you move through the world. Then the internal critical voice can soften and the discipline to eliminate bad habits can become stronger.

Chinese medicine and Hakomi are wonderful methods for cultivating mindfulness. The fragmenting quality of the modern world leaves people restless and distracted, wandering as though sleepwalking. Chronic diseases of the body go unnoticed until they reach an advanced stage because the mind and body have become separated. These methods reunite the mind and body. When superficial layers of disease within the mind and body are eased, then the mind is capable to do the deeper healing work of gaining awareness, cultivating peace, and growing in wisdom. I employ Chinese medicine and Hakomi because, in my ten years of experience in the healing world, it offers relief on all stages of the healing path.

While Chinese medicine and Hakomi are my primary tools, my treatment style is influenced by Taoist and Buddhist theory and psychology, traditional and modern meditation techniques, Yoga, developmental psychology, biomedicine, and group psychodynamic theory.

I use my intuition, education and personal work to guide you on your path to wholeness.

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Windhorse is the unlimited energy of basic goodness, buddhanature, and inherent wakefulness.

The mission of Windhorse Medicine is to ease suffering, help people reconnect with their essence and live out the deepest expression of their life force.


Windhorse (lungta) means “life force” in Tibetan. Every human being’s life force longs for its unique expression. You can call this latent potential. To actualize this potential is to live a happy, wise, and fulfilled life. Our life force diminishes, gets cloudy, or becomes scattered when we are overcome with pain, addictions, neurotic and self-centered thinking. I believe the essence, or “ground floor,” of our being is joyful, compassionate, and confident. This is just who we are as human beings. There’s nothing new to learn or to fix to arrive at this essence. In fact, to reconnect with our essence is a process of “unlearning” the accumulation of unhelpful mental, emotional, and physical habits. As we return to “ground floor,” each individual’s life force is free to express itself in a vibrant, creative, and unique way. This free-moving expression of energy is called “raising the windhorse.” When windhorse is raised, then joy, compassion, and confidence can infuse all aspects of our lives and the lives of those around us.

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“I am a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. My job requires me to have very sensitive fingertips. Over the years of working on computers, I had developed carpal tunnel syndrome. I had surgery on both of my wrists but was still having problems with my right hand. I met Rupesh at a Street Fair in Austin and was a bit skeptical that accupuncture could do anything for my wrist. He treated me that day and within 30 minutes, my wrist was no longer hurting. I decided that I needed more and began seeing Rupesh on a regular basis. One day I walked into his office with a full blown migraine headache. I walked out without the headache or any of my normal post headache symptoms. I was amazed and felt blessed to have found him and his practice. I have since moved from the Austin area and have yet to find a practitioner with his skill and healing abilities!!!!!”

— EC

“Rupesh’s unique skill set and loving presence provides a nurturing environment where deep healing can occur. Since working with him, I’ve faced severe trauma that has been troubling me for years. Facing these fears has enabled me to move through my life in a more authentic and integrated way. Thank you Rupesh for helping me to come back home to myself.”

— anonymous

“Rupesh is a natural healing spirit. He has a grounded and calming presence that instantly made me feel safe in expressing and healing deeply held emotions. In a few treatments I felt emotions had surfaced and moved in a way no other modality had accomplished. Being a healthcare professional myself I was very impressed, and will always greatly value Rupesh in my circle of healers.”

— anonymous

“As a regular client for several years now, I find Rupesh to be a talented, compassionate and effective healer. I refer clients from my psychotherapy practice to him on a regular basis, knowing first hand the quality of treatment they will receive. I recommend him without reservation.”

— Christopher J Anderson MA, LPC intern

“Rupesh has a level of presence with his clients that is hard to find. You can tell from the first time you meet with him that he truly loves his work and wants only to aid you on your own journey toward wholistic health. Rupesh has helped me with physical pain, but he has also helped me look within and recognize the emotional components that were playing a part in the health of my mind, body, and spirit. I have rarely felt so supported in any form of treatment, and have never experienced a TCM practitioner who was more nurturing and caring. My ability to truly relax and receive are awakened when I am in session with Rupesh. I leave his treatment room with a deeper connection to self and a better understanding of what I can do to improve my health and well being.”

— Tammy Fovargue, LMT, RYT

“Over a two year period, Rupesh’s treatments sparked my desire for growth and healing while supporting my emotional and physical needs. His work permanently enabled me to move through my world facing less resistance.”

— matthew

“Rupesh Chhagan is a healer in the truest sense of the word. His style and presence open the space for deep and real healing on many levels. I cherish the time spent with Rupesh and have benefitted greatly from his expertise in Acupuncture, Herbs and Hakomi. Rupesh has also treated my young daughter, who adores him as much as I do. Rupesh is continually developing his practice and brings an innovative yet grounded approach to the healing arts. I have relocated and have yet to find someone in my new town that even comes close to his caliber and depth. Every time I am back in Austin I make an effort to see him. I know my time with him will always be well spent and that I will leave his office feeling healed and transformed in the most positive of ways.”

— J

“I have received Hakomi and Acupuncture from Rupesh Chhagan for a number of years and have referred several people his way. Rupesh’s blend of sensitivity, intelligence and presence create a safe environment in which surprising revelations can emerge. I am thankful for his dedication to helping others and his ability to do it so well.”

— GM

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